Morning session is runs from 8:30 until 11:30 and afternoon session runs from 12:15 until 3:15. As children come through the gate parents are required to sign their child in and a member of the pre-school staff will take the register. 

During the free flow part of the session the areas that the children can access independently are; the creative area, maths area, construction area, mark making table, small world area and the reading corner. The children also have the opportunity to use the learning garden where they can access the; water area, sand area, den building area, mud kitchen and bikes and trikes.

Some of the examples of adult led activities are as follows:

  • Cooking

  • Name writing

  • Painting

  • Role play

  • Number Land

  • Ring games out on the playground

  • Activities linked to the theme

  • Playdough

  • Nature Walks

  • Den Building

  • Phonics input

Half way through the session the children have snack with their key worker at the table where they learn to make healthy choices, discuss hygiene and table manners. This also is a time where the children build relationships with the other children in their group as well as their key worker.


At the end of the session the children gather as a whole group on the carpet and listen to a story or sing songs. The session finishes at 11:30 . The children are taken to the main office where they meet their parents for home time.


If interested contact school office on: 01452 530310